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  Originally Posted by pi-r8
  Then Japan gets in because all of it’’s cultural exports (like video games) have made that country so famous for young people. Throw in Mongolia too, since everyone loves playing as Genghis Khan.
  Yeah well, that isn’’t the only reasons why they’’ve been included. Japan showed incredible military prowess during World War II, taking most of China, East and South-East Asia upto India. They’’ve also showcased an almost miraculous economic rise after World War II and to top it off, they’’ve successfully thwarted Mongol invasions, kamikaze or no. It’’s not just because they made Pokémon and Naruto.
  The Mongols similarly have conquered and administered the world’’s largest contiguous land empire, a feat attempted by so many other world leaders. Mongol influence is defining in Central Asia and their power during their peak was tremendous.
  Korea, while having a respectable position in world history cannot match the achievements of Japan or the Mongols. But yeah, expansion pack definitely.
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  Posts: 23 Why is Korea not in Civ 5?
  i checked through the lists and wow korea is not one of the civilizations in civ v!
  china and japan are both here so its unfair to us koreans because we took over a huge part of asia in our history. see Goguryeo
  korean civilization is one of the oldest in the world. we have 5000 years of history which is longer than both china japan and england. also we were never colonised by the western civilization
  a lot of important people in history are korean like yi sun-sin, ban kimoon, bands like tvxq 2PM are both high selling
  companies like samsung, hyundai are very rich and powerful
  combined the koreas have the largest military in the world
  i can think of tons of reasons but im disappointed that a civilization like korea is forgotten
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  很多史上重要的人物都是我们大韩民族的人哎,什么李舜臣,潘基文思密达,还有当下流行热卖乐队tvxq 2PM思密达!
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  Unfortunately most westerners think that east asia consists of nothing but China and Japan. China is an obvious choice of course, with its huge population and long history. Then Japan gets in because all of it’’s cultural exports (like video games) have made that country so famous for young people. Throw in Mongolia too, since everyone loves playing as Genghis Khan. Then there’’s just no room left to represent Korea on a civ-scale map. If you play the world map in BTS, korea is just ridiculous... it has like 10 tiles, all under cultural pressure. I would like it if they used Korean instead of Japan or Mongolia but I don’’t expect that to happen.
  btw the "famous people" you listed are almost totally unknown outside of Korea lol.
  很不幸,西方人认爲的“东亚”只有中国和日本吧:很明显,拥有巨量人口和悠长曆史的中国是必选项;得益于电子游戏之类的文化输出,在年轻人中很受欢迎的日本也是选择之一。ng> (49.89 KB, 下载次数: 0)

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